VROOM, VROOM: an unforgettable sound! The Circuit of Chimay thrilled spectators over the past 75 years. In 1926  Jules Buisseret, who was very keen on motor sports, came up with the idea of setting up a racetrack around the town of Chimay. This was how the Grand Prix des Frontières began. In its early days the circuit was similar to dozens of other racetracks in Europe, but it soon became something special. The Grand Prix is now known as one of the oldest races in Europe.

The success of the Grand Prix can be attributed to the original idea of organising a race for amateurs and beginners. Jules Buisseret wanted to make it exhilarating for the spectators; bringing in big names would have cost too much and would not necessarily have been more interesting.

Chimay soon became Belgium’s second motor racing venue after Francorchamps and attracted a large number of fans.

Right from the outset, there were motorcycle races in the morning and car races in the afternoon. This was quite usual at the time and designed to attract motorcycle and car enthusiasts alike, two quite distinct groups. In the 1970s the Grand Prix was discontinued as it became practically impossible to drive racing cars on ordinary roads while road safety rules were tightening up.

The Circuit of Chimay asbl now organises several kinds of races for cars and motorcycles every year, bringing back the old-time magic; the town buzzes again with excitement.


But the location of the Circuit of Chimay has undoubtedly helped to make it such a success.

In 2001, the Circuit of Chimay celebrated its 75 years. It made you live unforgettable moments at the rhythm of cars’ and motor bikes’ races.

The “modern” competitions also had an important place with Moto vitesse, Toyo King of Europe Dragster Show, Supermoto and Kartcross.

The tower of control also marked the history of the circuit. For reasons of public safety, it was destroyed in spring 2005.

In 2013, we celebrated the 20th year of Classic Bikes.

In 2015, the 6th European Bug-in was very successful!

This year, in 2016, the circuit of Chimay will blow its 90 years of existence.

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