Princes of speed – Crowdfunding


Chimay Road Racing and the movie production “Princes of Speed” are launching a Crowdfunding campaign during 40 days. 

Why choosing the Crowdfunding?

To finish the production, there is missing the amount of 10,000€. We choose to call you up, Chimay road racing fans, to support ending production of this lovely movie. Without this amount, the race will stop here. 

You can start from 1€ to 10,000€. We offer gifts to every donator.



The Chimay-Wartoise Foundation, the first donor, allowed us to finance the filming and pre-editing of the film and the production of a short teaser which had quite a buzz on social networks (more than 10.000 views), not only in Belgium but around the world, as well as many encouragement to finalise the long version film. All these have lead me to ask for your support to help us finalise the film so that it can finally exist, and be shown on the Big Screen:  


– Finishing of image editing and colour grading (colorimetry) : 2500€ 

– Sound editing and mixing : 1500€

– Subtitles in English : 750€

– Mastering DCP of the film (diffusion in cinemas) : 250€

– Promotion and dissemination expenses : 1000€


As both co-producer and director of the film, I have not been paid to date and we have committed all the money we raised through the Chimay-Wartoise Foundation to pay all the technicians and filming and post- Production costs. We count on this fundraising to pay both of us (4000€ for us two), a small amount that would justify our commitment to make this project a reality.  


We estimated these remaining expenses to 10,000€

For your information, 5% of the  collected amount is donated to the platform KKBB + 3% for bank charges

Thank you for your attention and your participation.



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